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June 2023



Fidan Nazim Qizi

Antonia Messineo

Dora Somosi

Tyler Nykilchyk

Le Guilly Emeline

Shera Weintraub  

Rachel Verity Foster

Bethany Parkinson

Beatrice Hebberling

Ahmet Dağdelen

Emma Powell

Jayne Simmonds

Zhikun Yang

Chris May

Heather Steckler

Rica Tumanguil

Minna Kokko

Rosalia Sparacello

Stefan Kamenov

Lara Fedotova

Linda Dejonghe

Breanne McCarthy

Sam Maurice

Kelly Barfoot

Catherine Dupont

Linh VH Nguyen

Zoey Heath


Angela Moreno

Giulia Ballarin

Cyanotype, a photographic printing technique invented in the early 19th century by Sir John Herschel, has captivated artists and photographers for generations.

The process involves using light-sensitive chemicals to create stunning blue-toned prints, commonly known as Prussian blue. It offers a unique and distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from other photographic methods. 


What makes cyanotypes even more fascinating is their versatility. Artists and photographers continually explore new ways to push the boundaries of this traditional technique. They experiment with different methods, such as toning the cyanotypes to create different colour variations or incorporating multiple exposures to add depth and complexity to their images. Some even combine cyanotypes with other printmaking methods or introduce digital elements into their compositions, blending the old with the new in captivating ways. 

This exhibition features many of these different ways of exploring the process, and it is a celebration of the remarkable diversity and ingenuity found within the world of cyanotypes. Each artwork showcased exemplifies the artist's unique vision and their skilful manipulation of the materials,  alongside innovative approaches that artists have embraced to expand the boundaries of cyanotypes.

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