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August 2023


Laura Albornoz

Monica Paez Espinosa

Sarah Smitherman

Morgan Medl

Martina Carollo

Olivia Harris

Miguel Angel Huerta Patiño

Valeria Rojas Pelcastre

Silvia Manzini

Inês Rodrigues Valente

Anthotypes, a unique alternative to traditional photographic printing has a history that parallels cyanotypes. 


Anthotypes offer a refreshing departure from the conventional approach by harnessing the light-sensitive properties of plant pigments.

The process of creating anthotypes is an alchemy of natural materials, such as flower petals, leaves, or fruits, and sunlight.

The pigments extracted from these materials are combined with a binding agent, such as alcohol or glycerin, to form a light-sensitive solution. This mixture is carefully applied to a chosen surface, like paper or fabric, and allowed to dry in a dimly lit environment to protect it from immediate exposure to sunlight.

What makes anthotypes truly enchanting is the gradual transformation that occurs during exposure to sunlight. Over time, the pigments interact with the light, fading and changing colour to form delicate and ethereal images. 


Artistic exploration with anthotype printing has no bounds. Exploring various plant materials, each imbuing their artwork with distinct hues and fading characteristics. The creative possibilities extend further as they experiment with toning techniques, exposure times, and layering to add depth and complexity to their compositions.

The exhibition on display celebrates the ingenuity and artistic prowess of those who have embraced anthotypes as their medium of choice. Each artwork showcased is a testament to the artist's skill in harnessing nature's colors to create captivating and evocative pieces.

It is a delightful tribute to the versatility and charm of this medium, proving that this timeless alternative process continues to inspire and intrigue contemporary creators.

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